Monday, 21 March 2011

Shopkeeper of the Week - Sarah Home

To explore the Gothic illustrations and jewellery designs of Sarah Home is to enter a world of ravens, clock towers and feathers. A graduate of Loughborough College of Art, Sarah studied multi media textiles and developed her signature mix of techniques and use of materials.

Specialising in laser cutting and etching Sarah's current collection includes large scale dramatic necklaces and is inspired by her fascination with the raven, it's appearance and what is symbolises.

We take a few moments out with Sarah to talk Hitchcock and Tring Museum:

How would you best describe your work?

A fantastical exploration into the mystical symbolism and curious behaviour of the Bird of Paradise and Corvid birds. An indulgence into the bizarre, theatrical and imagination.

Who/what are your biggest influences?

The character, beauty and history of Birds of Paradise and Corvid Birds. Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Bird’s’ became inspiring in capturing the mood for the Ravens and Crows, as well as examining the taxidermy of Crows and Ravens at Tring’s Natural History Museum.

Where is your favorite spring/summer place to visit for inspiration?

Any weird yet wonderful museum or exhibition. Although I can visit them throughout the year, especially in the dark winter gloomy months… I love Tring’s private collection of books and taxidermy.

The spring sun urges me to be more creative with silks and colours too. I would love to visit South and Central America for a feast of colour, sun and tropical inspiration!

What is your favourite item from your current collection?

At the moment it’s An Unkindness of Black Ravens. The necklace is delicate, yet powerful. It’s a beautiful and dramatic piece with elegance.

Do you have any new items/collections about to be launched?

A lovely collection of colourful silk scarves inspired by the fantastic feather tail plumes of the Birds of Paradise.

What do you enjoy most about being one of the shops in The Secret Arcade?

Sharing a beautifully designed online Parisian Boutique Arcade with other inspiring, unique shops.

Visit Sarah Home here

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