Thursday, 2 September 2010


We are a bit later than normal posting our newsround as it has been a busy old week with lots of new visitors to The Secret Arcade, due largely to the fantastic Daily Candy piece about Helen Musselwhite (her e-shop is situated in the Books, Prints & Art passage in The Secret Arcade). Although it was about Helen, the piece linked to The Secret Arcade website address so the rest of the shops benefited - the power of the collective! Helen was thrilled with the feature as not only did she receive lots of visitors to her site she has also been contacted to produce a children's book and a commission to design a window display for a prestigious London stationery shop!

Pretty as a picture

This feature in the current issue of Homes & Antiques magazine very much reminded us of the Tulip & Nettle window that we designed for The Secret Arcade. The picture frame here is reminiscent of those we chose to frame the wonderfully romantic portrait photography that is so characteristic of the company.

Based in Northumberland Tulip & Nettle produce clothing for children (and some for adults). Its unique, restrained style is both historical and wearable with lots of lovely pieces that have the air of classic quality. We very much like their new 'Heroine' blouse - an exquisite new season look for girls. A ravishingly romantic piece that is made from layers of cotton voile and trimmed with ribbon and lave. You can see it here worn with pale blue velvet hotpants over thick knit tights - what a great look!

The Tulip & Nettle shop is located in the 'Children' passage of The Secret Arcade where you can also visit four other shops from the amazing Apolline who creates delightful and whimsical fabric toy creatures, Molly-Meg's classic children's furniture to the magical illustration of Belle & Boo and the bold fabric prints of Olive Loves Alfie.

Visit the 'Children' Passage at The Secret Arcade

Dress Up And Be Happy

Speaking of Olive Loves Alfie we are delighted to report on the success of their recent inspirational kids project that was launched at Lollibop last weekend. Inspired by Woodstock and taking the festival feeling of free spirits, music and summer, Olive Loves Alfie created a magical space for kids to play with their unique sense of style. The woodland dressing up camp was wrapped up in bunting made from frayed vintage denim, Katvig and Marimekko fabrics. A beautiful selection of vintage clothing, Olive Loves Alfie’s customised festival clothing and specially designed accessories were displayed on clothes rails or piled high in vintage suitcases that were hidden amongst the trees. With irrepressible invention over two anarchic days the kids created a joyous array of improvised outfits and exuberant dressing-up styles themselves.

To view Olive Loves Alfie's wonderful range of children's clothing visit their shop in the 'Children' passage of The Secret Arcade.

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