Tuesday, 7 December 2010

A Box of Seasonal Delights

If you can't spare the time, money or energy to get yourself to a Parisian arcade for some seriously special Christmas shopping then you might find the answer is closer to home. We suggest you put your feet up in a warm room with a tipple of your choice, settle down and treat yourself to a perusal of the box of delights that is The Secret Arcade. Peer through the windows of the 29 hand picked shops to find a host of wonderful handmade gifts for all your family and friends. Then with a clickety click you will be transported to a range of great websites not only will you be rewarded with a glittering array of gorgeous goodies but you will find great offers in many of the shops that are participating in The Secret Arcade's Xmas Treasure Hunt.

See below for an index that accompanies the 'box of delights' or if you would like a quick peek see the product catalogue which has a selection of their fabulous wares!

1. Apolline (Children's Passage)
2. Sarah Jayne Guest (Homewares Passage)
3. Akong London (Jewellery Passage)
4. Olive loves Alfie (Children's Passage)
5. Leju (Jewellery Passage)
6. Louise Body (Home Decoration Passage)
7. Willow&Stone (Home Decoration Passage)
8. Belle& Boo (Children's Passage)
9. The Littlecote Soap Co. (Beauty&Perfume Passage)
10. Tulip & Nettle (Children's Passage)
11. Essentially-Me (Beauty&Perfume Passage)
12. Sarah Hardaker (Homewares Passage)
13. Turner Pocock (Home Decoration Passage)
14.Radiance Lighting (Home Decoration Passage)
15. Beautiful Soul (Fashion & Accessories Passage)
16. Ciara Healy (Books, Prints & Art Passage)
17. Ghost Furniture (Homewares Passage)
18. A Little Bit of Art (Books, Prints & Art Passage)
19. Ray Stitch Habedashery (Fashion & Accessories Passage)
20. Helen Musselwhite (Books, Prints & Art Passage)
21. Clara Francis (Jewellery Passage)
22. Blue Bell Gray (Homewares Passage)
23. Sarah Home (Jewellery Passage)
24. Molly - Meg (Children's Passage)
25. Tamara Fogle (Fashion & Accessories Passage)
26. Alexia Fashion (Fashion & Accessories Passage)
27. Simply Roses (Beauty&Perfume Passage)
28. Dark Horse (Jewellery Passage)
29. Mandarina Shoes (Fashion & Accessories Passage)

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