Monday, 7 February 2011

St Valentine's Day - the start of Spring and a promise of love!

Traditionally, Spring begins on St Valentine's Day (February 14th), the day on which birds were thought to chose their mate (in parts of Sussex Valentine's Day was called 'the Birds' Wedding Day' - cute!) So love is in the air and there is a myriad of ways of expressing your feelings to your beloved - one of which is to give a token that will say something special and act as a timeless keepsake. So out with the obvious suspects and in with the uniqueness of the handmade gifts that abound the shops in The Secret Arcade. We have rounded up some examples of wonderment that any self respecting lovebird would be enchanted to give or receive .........

Romantic Settings

Set the mood with a pretty romantic lamp with sprigs of spring cherry blossom by Hannah Nunn or a delicate red heart crafted from Baltic Birch Ply. Both available from Radiance Lighting.

Make a Lasting Impression

An original print is a great gift at anytime , but one that is given as a love token is hard to beat. A visit to A Little Bit Of Art in the Books, Prints and Art passagway at The Secret Arcade is an absolute must where you will find a whole range of appropriate keepsakes .

Print available from A Little Bit of Art

Create a Love Nest

Design a whole new room using wallpaper to create an irresistible love nest! This Ibis Taupe & Magenta wallpaper by Turner Pocock is very elegant and romantic, with a repeat design of floating birds – perfect for a creating a romantic setting!

Wallpaper available from Turner Pocock at The Secret Arcade

Say it with Roses

The St Valentine's day favourite is of course flowers - from the romance of red roses to the giddiness of heady perfumes. A visit to the Beauty and Fragrance passage at The Secret Arcade is a must. Here you will be spoilt for choice with a dizzy array of all things roses from Simply Roses - beautiful hand-tied rose bouquets to handmade rose inspired toiletries and fragrant candles.

Bespoke Perfumes

What could be better than creating a totally unique perfume? Only one thing - to spend a romantic weekend in the glorious Cotswolds making it yourself and with the one you love! Visit Essentially-me to discover more......

A Secret Liaison

The Gourmet Soap Selection Box from The Littlecote Soap Co will go a long way in preparing for your evening of passion! Indulge your loved one with this gorgeous selection of handmade soaps filled with the aromas of summer fields! A full range of fragrant goodies can be found in their shop at The Secret Arcade.

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