Monday, 31 October 2011

Shopkeeper of The Week - Lilies and Dreams

This week we are talking with JoJo Hernandez - the owner of the fabulous Lilies and Dreams boutique.

1. How would you describe your company?

Lilies & Dreams is an Individual and Unique Boutique offering Handbags, Luggage & Accessories.

2. What are your biggest influences?

Well made pieces, carefully designed and crafted, not readily found on the high street.

3. Where is your favourite place to visit for inspiration?

I love Markets, Craft Fairs, and even Trade Shows for inspiration as to what people are buying and where influences lie.

For design and creative inspiration, there’s nothing better than being by the sea.

4. What is your favourite item from your current collection?

From the stock we have now? I have lots of favourites, generally one from each designer.. However if I had to pick an overall, I would say our Vintage Reworked Jewellery Range from Eclectic Shock. Louise is great to work with and creates amazing one off designs.

5. Do you have any new items/collections about to be launched?

We have just received the first parcels for our autumn line from many suppliers, so yes. Very exciting are the new Bags from Makki in sumptuous Eel Skin, as well as the Winter Hide collection from Owen Barry.

............ and of course, our Swarovski Crystal Jewellery range always causes a stir!

6. What do you enjoy most about being one of the shops in The Secret Arcade?

The diversity of us all - It’s a fantastic way to combine aspects together, without having to trawl for hours (and through various cities) to find Designers and Boutiques with that little some extraordinary.

To view the full collection visit Lilies and Dreams at Shop 3 in the Fashion and Accessories passage at The Secret Arcade.

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